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On Community

January 13, 2012
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Game Night


Game Night 2
Last year, I overcame my life-long aversion to New Year’s resolutions –kind of– and set my focus for the year on the concept of less. Though it’s an ongoing process, a year later I feel less cluttered, less stretched, and less frantic. As I’d hoped, having less of the things I don’t want in my life has left room for more of the things I do want, and as a result 2011 was a wonderfully full year.
This year, I want to focus on what I want more of. I’m a natural introvert with awkward, hermit-like tendencies, but I crave people. (What can I say? I’m a tortured soul.) The times in my life in which I’ve been happiest have been full of people, especially friends nearby who come over on a whim and vice versa. As a commuter, my stash of friends near home is pretty limited (um, nonexistent?), and I rarely see the friends scattered across the Bay Area. (The Bay Area is big, y’all. Most of my friends aren’t at all remote, generally speaking, and yet it’s a 45-minute drive to see them.) So this year, I’m building myself a community.
I’m not certain exactly what that means, but I think it will be a bit of investing in the community I do have, making an effort to leave the quiet of home for some socializing every once in a while (after all, I’m not after a total personality transplant), and filling my home with people on a regular basis. I’d like to make more connections with like-minded people in blogland; see my real, live, in-the-flesh friends more often, write more letters to my aunt in Iowa. I’d like to be brave enough to invite the cool people from knit night to hang out outside the yarn shop. I’d like to find out of any of my neighbors are as wonderful as the ones who moved away last summer.
I’m on my way already – last week, instead of planning to “someday” have people over for a game night, I seized an opportunity and invited folks over for Sunday evening. It wasn’t a late night or a big group, but my house was full of chatter and laughter and music on Pandora, and it was just right. I could get used to that.

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  1. michelle permalink
    January 13, 2012 11:35 am

    I’m very similar. I would prefer to stay at home 24/7/365 if I could, but having a few close friends is necessary. I’ve ben lucky to find a new friend not 5 minutes from me. Texting, blogging, email, and phone calls are great, but human contact makes me feel a little more, well, human! 🙂 2012 will be my decluttering year. I tried last year and did a few things, but I’m going to finish this year for sure. It feels so good!

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