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Scenes from a Sunday Afternoon

February 21, 2012






Salad Garden

Salad Garden 2

It’s quiet.  It’s one of those magical moments in which we’re scattered across the house, each of us busy with our own projects, maybe accompanied by a napping dog or two.  I love these moments.  The weekly chores (vacuuming, I’m looking at you) are done.  Evening plans are cancelled.  There are no obligations, no expectations.

I’m in the kitchen, baking.  I hear the shrieks and giggles of my neighbor’s children through the back door, which  is propped open to catch the still-chilly early spring breeze.  Honey drips onto my hand from my measuring spoon.  Sweet bliss.

Upstairs.  A quilt in progress begs for attention, but the warm late afternoon sun is slanting across the floor.  The quilt can wait.

On the front porch, I carefully fill eggshells rescued from the compost with potting soil.  Ginsburg noses up behind me, curious.  There is potting soil under my fingernails, in my hair, covering my apron, and in my clothes.  I have just planted a salad garden in an old wheelbarrow, and I am not tidy.

Later, there will be soup for dinner, and bread in the oven.  We’ll watch a movie, close the doors and windows against the dark, and enjoy each other’s  company.  But for now, it’s quiet.

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  1. Annie Clark permalink
    January 20, 2013 2:09 pm

    Love your work so down to earth, friendly, warm. 🙂
    Thinking as you were born in the wrong time , and at times I feel like this also, cooking grandmas old recipe is food for the soul . I remembered my Nanna baking caraway seed cake and did so myself on Sunday. Tea with friends so took the cake along… The returning to a time gone by as we ate the delicious seed cake (which incidentally is the Hobbits favourite cake) was amazing and quite a warm feeling …. Keep up the good
    work !
    Annie (NZ)
    Ps in my recipe I added a little grated lemon and a squeeze or two of the lemon. Both my Nanna and I kinda add a little of this or exta of that. The lemon complimented the caraway seed in my opinion . 🙂

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